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Writing a Video Script? Look No Further...

Write, edit, and collaborate on short-form video scripts then seamlessly move into storyboarding for the smoothest possible path to production.
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”Our studio runs on Boords. We can quickly draw up ideas, add in a script, receive real-time feedback and rapidly iterate changes. Everything is one place so there’s no need to email files back and forth. It’s really a game changer.
Kelly Messori
Kelly Messori
Producer at CatCow

Improve your whole script, or just one trouble spot

Quickly filter your script by field type, so you can focus on one area at a time. Then zoom back out to see your script as a whole.

AI Scriptwriting Assistant

Use our custom-trained AI model to generate storyboard scripts for marketing videos, explainers, presentations and much more.

Storyboard changed? Your script updated automatically

Change, as they say, is the only constant. And when you make any changes in your script or storyboard, they are mirrored on the other side. Changes even update in real-time on other browsers, wherever they are in the world.

Download as a Word document. Always ready for voiceover.

Instantly download your script as a Microsoft Word-compatible .docx file, complete with a timestamp and a voiceover word count. You'll always be ready for the voiceover session.

”We are great fans of Boords. Easy to use, intuitive and flexible, it's the perfect tool for the biggest part of a video production! From script to animatic, we can shape and collaborate on ideas then share them with our clients so they're fully understood.
Toby Mory
Toby Mory
Motion Director and Partner of Goldener Westen

Automatic frame and version numbering

Forget manually updating frame numbers when you add or remove a scene. All your changes instantly sync across storyboards and animatics.

Where teams write scripts together

Share a link to your script and storyboard to get feedback. Or, jump into the same script with your teammates, wherever you are in the world.

Get the power of 3+ tools for the price of one

With Boords you get a script editor, storyboard creator, animatic tool, and much more rolled into one. All in single secure, web-based collaborative tool. You'll wonder how you lived without it.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Join626,605professionals from the world's top video agencies who use Boords.

”Boords allows us to keep all our storyboards in one place. It's also very easy to add review notes to share with our design team right inside Boords, which streamlines communication.
Michael Cardwell Headshot
Michael Cardwell
Founder, Digital Brew