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Say goodbye to blank-page syndrome. Generate storyboard scripts using AI and effortlessly bring your ideas to life in multiple languages.
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Use Boords to generate storyboard scripts and images using AI.
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Meet the AI Movie Script Generator

Imagine a tool that transforms your ideas into compelling video scripts in moments; meet the Boords’ AI Movie Script Generator. Our innovative AI script writer not only accelerates your movie script writing process but also enhances your video content creation, ensuring your storyboards are always backed by high-quality content.

Navigate through the script generator and you’ll discover a world where writer's block is a thing of the past. Create compelling scripts for your video ads, YouTube videos, and marketing campaigns quickly and easily. Boords brings your creative vision to life and ensures your video creation process is seamless and efficient.

How do I write a video script using AI?


Choose Your Prompt

Select from a myriad of pre-built prompts, tailored for various niches like marketing and corporate messaging, and let the AI script generator create a first draft to kickstart your video script.


Customize & Refine

Utilize the intuitive interface to tweak and refine your AI generated script, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your video content creation and story ideas.


Bring it to Life

Transform your well-written screenplay into a visual masterpiece, using it as a foundation for your video editing and character development in your animations or short-form videos.


Perfect Prompts

Dive into a range of ready-to-use prompts, each one a starting point for scripts in various domains like marketing and social campaigns. With Boords' AI Script Generator, you select a prompt, and within minutes, a tailored storyboard script unfolds before you. It’s not merely a tool; it’s your express lane to impactful video content.


AI Image Generator

Effortlessly transition from script to storyboard with Boords’ AI Storyboard Generator. Select from a diverse array of styles and utilize the Text-to-Image feature to convert narrative to visuals. The professional, user-friendly interface facilitates smooth iterations and collaborative feedback, enhancing and simplifying your creative process.


Multiple Languages

Navigating through multiple languages to communicate universally can be a daunting task. But with the ability to create scripts in over 18 languages, Boords ensures your message resonates globally. Your target market, regardless of linguistic differences, can now connect with your video content, making your narratives universally compelling and relatable.

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