How I’m Restyling for Spring

They say spring is a time for renewal, and that notion applies in more ways than one. Whether I’m clearing out my linen closet or moving around furniture, I love the feeling of a clean slate to create something new. This season, I decided to change up the scenery by restyling our kitchen and living room with a few easy swaps. It was a balancing act of repurposing what we already had while adding a few accessories here and there for an entirely fresh look. The result? A lightened-up living space that’s inspired me to embrace even more new rhythms of my own.


Neutral living room open shelves styled for springStacked books, boxes, and wooden beads on open shelvesNatural branches for a springtime accessory

Photography: Madeline Harper


How I’m Restyling for Spring


the living room


Restyling for spring meant changing up our open shelves in the living room. I’m a big believer in the power of a blank canvas, so I removed everything on the shelves to start the process. The goal was to create a more pared-down look and lighten up the color palette. To restyle with softer tones, we minimized the use of black and high contrast elements, focusing on earthy neutrals in shades of beige and tan.

When it came time to decide what went back on the shelves, I stood by a few tried-and-true favorites while adding a few seasonal elements into the mix. Here’s the run-down:


  • Wood Stools: Love these to add some height. They’re perfect to stack or stand alone.


  • Vintage Vases: I tend to use vases of all shapes and sizes in a range of earthy tones.


  • Woven Baskets: The natural fibers deliver texture, and they double as a great spot to hide random knick-knacks as needed.


  • Fresh Greenery: A little foliage is a perfect nod to spring. I’m partial to philodendrons and ferns, but you do you.


  • Wooden Beads + Chains: The true chameleon of shelf styling—these accessories look great no matter where you put them.


  • Books: Books serve as a great anchor point, and the book spines bring in a lot of great color and texture. Here’s a running list of my favorites.


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A airy, neutral living room restyle for springStacked neutral books and vases, restyling for springLiving room open shelving, restyling for spring

Photography: Madeline Harper


the kitchen


I love creating a cohesive color story with shelves by playing off a somewhat monochromatic palette. In the kitchen, I decided it was also time to lighten things up on our open shelves with a range of earthy mid-tones. Aside from the sconces, I edited out the high-contrast black accessories and brought in softer elements. Here’s what I reached for this time around:


  • Stacked Plates: I like to add at least one grouping of stacked plates or bowls to break up those horizontal lines.


  • Seagrass Drinking Glasses + Pitcher: You know the drill: it’s all about that texture.


  • Books: This season, I narrowed things down to just two stacked cookbooks and topped them with a petite vase.


  • Glass Canisters: I added these because white and brown sugar just happened to fit the color story to perfection.


  • Driftwood Branch: The simple way to bring the outdoors in.


  • Wood Stools: These vintage beauties are a staple on both living room and kitchen shelving.


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Kitchen open shelving restyled for spring Branches in a black vase, restyling for spring Restyling for spring, kitchen open shelves in earthy midtones

Photography: Madeline Harper


If you’re looking to refresh your home for spring, don’t be afraid to try something new. I think you’ll find that a few easy swaps are all you need to usher in the season.


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