5 Steps to Plan a Styled Shoot

As an interior designer, showcasing your work is an important marketing tool, but it doesn’t have to stop there. With a growing social media audience, many studios find lifestyle content to be a natural extension of their brand. Your online followers already admire the spaces you create and likely want to see your take on fashion, entertaining, cooking, gardening, and more. One great way to create new lifestyle content that resonates with your audience is to plan a styled shoot. 

Our resident IDCO stylist, Leigh Gill, is sharing her playbook to photoshoot production, from inspiration to publication. As a bonus, she’s put together a list of both seasonal and evergreen concepts for fresh content year-round.


Summer table inspiration with sunflowers | How to plan a styled shoot for interior designers

Photography: Madeline Harper | Styling: Leigh Gill for IDCO



Why Plan a Styled Shoot?


Whether it’s showcasing a holiday tablescape or creating floral arrangements for spring, think of styled shoots as an opportunity to flex creative muscles and tell a bigger story of your brand. In this industry, you’re not just designing interiors; you’re designing a lifestyle. That’s why investing time and resources in general entertaining content can attract your dream clients in a new and unexpected way. Another important reason to plan a styled shoot is the opportunity to monetize. With the proper forethought, your content can increase engagement on social channels, drive traffic to your blog, and even earn you revenue from affiliate link programs or e-commerce sales directly on your site. 



Summer table inspiration with sunflowers | How to plan a styled shoot for interior designers


5 Steps to Plan a Styled Shoot


No. 1 | Gather Inspiration

Start by thinking about what’s coming up in terms of holidays or seasonally. Or, consider which evergreen topics would best resonate with your audience, such as home organization or fun recipes. Next, use Pinterest to create mood boards with inspiration photos and actual products you’ll be using. You can invite your team to make the mood board process collaborative and organized.


No. 2 | Create a Call Sheet

The call sheet includes key information like when and where the shoot takes place and everything you’re planning to shoot, preferably in order. It should also include a shopping list and packing list to ensure nothing is forgotten. If someone will be photographed, include a note so they can dress accordingly. Once you’ve put together the call sheet, email the document to everyone in advance.


No. 3 | Communicate With Your Photographer

When you’re working with a professional photographer, you’ll want to share your Pinterest board to offer them some overall context. Make sure also to include reference shots that display the angles and lighting styles you like best. This is especially important if it’s your first time working with a photographer, or if you’re looking to switch up your style.



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No. 4 | Be Ready for Shoot Day

Come prepared with everything on your call sheet, plus more options to switch things up if need be. When shooting interiors, bring books, candles, throw blankets, small accessories, plus a bundle of florals, greenery, and branches. Other must-haves include tape, zip ties, scissors, command hooks, and sheers. 

Before the shoot, ask your photographer to tether if possible. Meaning what they are shooting will show up on a connected laptop in real-time so that you can adjust things on the spot.


No. 5 | Edit + Publish

Think about creative ways to use these photos multiple times across multiple channels as you prepare to publish. For some photoshoots, you may want to consider pitching to publications before posting on your website or social media. Otherwise, put a marketing plan in place and showcase things strategically.

You can create blog content, a newsletter, post to Instagram, compile an IG reel or TikTok, and so much more. Also, be sure to pin your photo shoot images directly from your website to drive back traffic. As you are sharing, don’t forget to tag your photographer, stylist, and anyone involved.



Summer kitchen style with peonies | How to plan a styled shoot for interior designers


“In this industry, you’re not just designing interiors; you’re designing a lifestyle.”


Summer table inspiration with a peach salad | How to plan a styled shoot for interior designers


Styled Shoot Ideas for Designers




  • Floral Arrangements
  • Tablescapes
  • Gardening Style
  • Home Updates
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Pillow Combos
  • Home Organization
  • Shelf Styling
  • Daily Outfits
  • Office Tours




  • Mantle Styling
  • Thanksgiving Tablescape
  • Holiday Centerpiece Design
  • Holiday Home Tours
  • Greenery Styling
  • Tree Decor
  • Seasonal Front Door Style
  • Present Wrapping Inspiration
  • Valentine’s/Galentine’s Celebrations
  • Spring Home Updates
  • Mother’s Day Tablescape

(and so much more)


Summer table inspiration with sunflowers | How to plan a styled shoot for interior designers




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