A Curated Closet Makeover

This Spring, I went live on Instagram with Shira Gill for a curated closet makeover. We’ve worked together in the past (see my kitchen transformation here). A year ago, we turned this random corner of our bedroom into my walk-in closet. It’s currently getting a glow up (check out my Story Highlights to see what we’re doing).However, it didn’t take long before all that space filled up with clutter. That’s when I enlisted Shira Gill to help me curate my closet, define my signature style and purge the clutter. It was so fun to go through each piece in my closet together with you guys, see what you liked most, what I couldn’t part with and have Shira guide me through how to organize it.


Curated closet


organized minimalist closet


Tips for a Curated Closet


  1. Most importantly, as you decide what to purge and what to keep, ask yourself “Would I pay full price for this item again today?” If you wouldn’t, it should go.
  2. If you have items you only need once or twice a year, decide what you would wear instead of that item. Often, you have another item that can do double duty. If you don’t have an alternative, it’s worth keeping!
  3. It’s all about quality over quantity. Shira doesn’t need you to get rid of everything, she just wants you to keep the things you love. For me, that meant my favorite quality pieces like my Jenni Kayne sweaters and Madewell denim. ***Bonus: you can use code IDCO20 for 20% off everything at Jenni Kayne
  4. A curated closet means being able to grab anything in your closet and throw it on. That means everything should fit. If it’s too small or too large, donate or sell it. If it needs to be tailored, put it in a bag in your car to drop off on your next errand run.
  5. Color coordinate each segment of your closet from dark to light. Even your stacked jeans should be folded from your darkest wash to the lightest for an ombre effect.
  6. Sentimental and out of season items should be stored away. I folded my cashmere sweaters and winter coats in baskets above my closet.


neatly folded sweaters in light colors

Neatly organized closet: Tips for a curated closet makeover by The Identite Collective


neatly hung skirts and organized closet


One of the most frequently asked questions as I went through my closet on Instagram was where I shop most. Over the years I’ve really defined my signature style. Jenni Kayne, Madewell, Esby Apparel, Free People, J.Jill, and Anthropologie make up 95% of my closet.


The things I’ve held on to longest and most frequently wear always seem to be made of natural materials like linen, cotton, wool or silk. I usually avoid patterns because they seem to date an outfit and I tire of them more quickly. The exception for patterns seems to be on long maxi dresses. Long, floating, floral dresses seem to be my signature staple all summer long. Scroll down to shop everything in my closet!


Ikea closet organization



Shop The Exact Pieces in my Curated Closet



Shira just opened her Get Organized Masterclass and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Shira has guided me to living well and intentionally over the last four years. Her constant wealth of knowledge, simple and clear delivery and charming demeanor make her one of my dearest friends. Her guided organization courses are the exact tool you need right now while sheltering-in-place.


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  1. Amanda says:

    I adored this post! Did you know that Ikea makes tiny little fillers for the holes in the sides of their wardrobes. I filled all of mine and it made a huge difference in how built in the units look!







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